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Established in 1989 EasyBraid Co. has achieved widespread recognition as a provider and manufacturer of supplies and equipment used in the PCB assembly industry. The company vision has been an inspiration from the beginning—A firm commitment to excellence with a global perspective and an eye to the future.  Bringing quality, service, and value to each of our customers is as important as providing new and innovative products to our worldwide market. We strive to deliver a complete solution to quality inspection and repair/rework needs by providing well-trained field applications engineers and utilizing the sales support of over 200 representatives and distributors throughout the United States and in 20 additional countries spanning six continents.

As products, packaging, and technologies constantly change, high quality and consistent performance is essential. By manufacturing in compliance with ISO9002 standards, and through our strict adherence to Statistical Process Control (SPC), EasyBraid Co. can assure you the highest quality product and will guarantee the consistency of that quality.


EasyBraid’s DESOLDERING BRAID (or desoldering wick) is manufactured using environmentally safe chemicals and processes. It is made of clean, oxide-free copper and contains increased surface area (more copper) per square inch, for economical and consistent results.

Our STENCIL ROLLS are made from a paper that is specifically designed for maximum absorption of solder paste in a stencil-cleaning environment.

SOLDER SOAKERS are special RoHS compliant die-cut sponges designed specifically to aid in the cleaning of electronics.

A wide range of SOLDERING IRON TIPS are available with excellent performance and reliability. SWABS for cleaning electronics come in various sizes.

PUREX FUME EXTRACTION SYSTEMS bring the latest in technology for removing fumes and odors at a constant flow in the workplace.

EasyBraid provides the VPI OPTICAL INSPECTION SYSTEM which is one of the finest pieces of inspection equipment for BGA reflow analysis available in the electronics market.

With the product line of SEC X-RAY INSPECTION SYSTEMS our customers can have a high performance 3D x-ray solution to determine multi-layer circuit board manufacturing.

PBT CLEANING SYSTEMS are available for all products ranging from stencils and printed circuit boards to completed assemblies. With closed-loop systems, DI-water rinse and availability of ultrasonic, these impressive systems make PBT a leader in both batch and in-line cleaning systems across the globe.

ALEADER AUTOMATIC OPTICAL INSPECTION SYSTEMS provide the total solution for the final process control with a revolutionary topography 360 image-TIRÔ (Topography Image Recognition). This cutting edge technology uses the most advanced optics and lighting system to create the 3D picture and inspects the 3D shape of the soldering.

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